I survived the first month of my apprenticeship, but more importantly, I survived UTD's weeks of welcome! Since August 14th, we have been on-campus meeting students. I have met students through our FOCUS games nights and through university-sponsored events like the Big Howdy. The game nights were simple to execute; we would meet in a residence hall and invite newly moved-in students to play games. The second event I mentioned, Big Howdy, welcomed international students to campus. The turnout was about 1400 students from all over the globe. It was amazing! The atmosphere was lively as live music played and students bustled from table to table, trying to complete a checklist. We were able to tell so many students about our ministry because visiting the FOCUS booth was one of the checks. During this event, I met a sweet grad student named Ellie. 

Ellie is from China and is at UTD for a masters in accounting. She is super trendy and easy to talk to. We ended up exchanging numbers and meeting that next week. We got coffee and went to World Market. Our first time hanging out was full of us discussing how we grew up, our interests and laughing at how my last name is a restaurant. I am excited about the friendship God is building between us. Be praying for her and all the other international students FOCUS is reaching out to. 

Last but not least, my small group is in full swing. It's always so much fun to see who God brings. Be praying for God to work through our conversations and build true friendships.

My small group's second meeting.
Snow cones at UTD's block party.  
Thank you guys so much for be a part of my team. I am encouraged to have you guys praying for these students and me.  


  1. Hey Emily! I love that you got to make a new friend at Big Howdy. UTD has so many international students who have never learned about Jesus before, and it's a great opportunity to befriend them and introduce them to our amazing God. Also it's such an encouragement to me that UTD now has so many welcome events. When I started there, there was basically nothing! Glad you get to be a part of it.


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