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Where's Wisdom?

Every month, I find myself in disbelief at how fast time has passed. March indeed flew by. Spring break can do that for you. Your prayers for me have been answered. I am refreshed and feeling freer. I am beginning to see the fruit of trusting God and living with an open hand. Thank you for coming alongside me in that. I hope you too can find the peace that goes along with reliance on God. I will continue to confess the battle trusting God can be, especially when it's about those you love.  This month has been a special one. We have had many opportunities for our students to be in the scriptures. It's not that we don't read the Bible typically. It's just that we have been facilitating public readings of scripture to prepare for our Pizza Theology event. This is an event we do every semester across our campuses. All of our campuses meet together in Richardson, we teach for four hours, and for intermission, we eat pizza. It's a beautiful event. We are teaching the wisd