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Showing posts from June, 2020
Hello! It’s time for another update.  The end of May was incredibly nostalgic. The nostalgia came from hearing our twelve current interns share on what God taught them this year doing ministry. I was brought back to all I had learned after my internship last year.  I was taught last year how to be people’s biggest fans through my bible studies. A big reminder from a year ago was I hadn’t moved to Arlington yet. I have been blessed by the ministry I was able to do since coming to UTA. My small group immediately comes to mind. I want to invite you to take a moment and think through all the ways God has provided over this past year...  I wanted to share a message from one of the interns, Hanna Mason. She said something in her sermon that really struck me. She spoke on how God used mundane situations for His glory. She spoke on how throwing a karaoke night and sending a text led to impactful moments this past year. God used a karaoke night to grow a group of friends closer and h