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Happy Fall! I don't know about you, but September flew by. My time was spent hanging out with girls and prepping for FOCUS's fall retreat. Fall retreat was a success. Its purpose was to create time where people's small groups were able to grow closer together. There was board games, crafts, and ultimate frisbee. Almost all of my core girls were able to come. Nothing bonds people together like staying in a cabin.  I want to share two moments from fall retreat. First, during the afternoon, some girls and I made homemade cookies. It was a fun moment because one of my girls was able to show off her talent. She is from South Carolina and is a fantastic baker. Her specialty is cakes and decorating them. She made a recipe for buttery shortbread cookies. She was in charge of the mixer and while everyone else searched the kitchen for ingredients. We had fun goofing around as the cookies baked. The cookies ended up a little overdone, but I feel that it is in simple momen