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Here's a late Valentine's greeting from my core. We attempted a heart.  February flew by. I cannot believe how close spring break is. Continue praying for the ladies I met up with. I have been so lucky to be able to meet up with each one. Pray that they will know Christ better. Thank you for your prayer and support.   I thought it would be fun to update you on how outreach has been going at UTD. Outreach has been something I have been doing weekly since the fall. We did displays twice a week in the fall. We had one display on happiness and another on purpose. The point was to engage our campus with questions and varying opinions that would lead to a biblical thought on the topic. The setup was not complicated and lucky for us, the college campus is full of people who want to be heard. The coolest part was that students were engaging their campus, boldly inviting people to join in conversation. We just finished a display on anxiety that followed what we did in the f
Hey everyone! I am excited to share what God has been doing this past month.  I wanted to thank you guys for your prayers towards winter camp. I hope I can encourage you with what I am about to report.  Here's a photo of the large FOCUS community (All eleven campuses) and the UTD FOCUS community. Winter camp is where all the FOCUS communities come together to get energized for the new semester. This is done through having time to be with the other FOCUS campuses and by having relevant sessions. Our speaker, John Stackhouse, spoke on confronting culture changing. It was exciting to see what God is doing across the metroplex; for three days, we were surrounded by students who want to see Jesus at their colleges. I want to share two moments from winter camp. Winter camp is set up with sessions in the morning and at night. So the afternoons are open for us roam and hang out. Some of that time we spent playing board games or playing ping pong. One day our grou