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August 2023: Is Bucee Going to FOCUS?

Greetings from Buc-ee's Above is a photo from Buc-ee's on the fourth of July. We got to met the celebrity beaver while visiting my family.  For any of my out of state friends, Buc-ee's is a huge gas station and this beaver is their face and mascot. I just had to get a photo of these two with him.  Here's a photo from our church's dog event. The guy above's name is Mauricio. The dog he is holding is his. We had a good laugh that his beloved dog was a pampered shih Tzu. He and Graham have become great friends over the year. He will be leading in the fall. Pray for our men's side of the ministry. What happens every four years or so is that many of our people graduate. We are coming into this year with fewer men leaders. Pray for them to have courage and boldness to reach out on campus to their classmates, friends and whoever. I'm hopeful with guys like Mauricio that we will meet the people God wants us to this year.  Ministry-wise, we have begun the prepara


Hello, July!  I want to start off just sharing some praises! God has been incredibly kind (again). Graham and I have both hit our fundraising goals. Thank you how generous you have been. Thank you for believing in campus ministry. Thank you for seeing value in people like me getting to be available on campus to minister and share the good news. You are an important and integral part of this mission. I hope you feel just as blessed as I do. June was restful. Graham, Waldo and I got to go to Hot Springs.  Work-wise, we have already begun planning for welcome week in August. Welcome week is one of the most important rhythms of the year. Freshman and international student alike flood the campus looking to make memories and friends. This where my prayer warriors come in. Please be praying for the students we will be meeting. Pray that our leader team will have the boldness to invite people to our ministry. A little refresh about our ministry is that our student leaders actually go out and i