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November Update!

Happy November! A personal update: I am an engaged woman. Why I feel this deserves a spot on my blog update is because ministry is extremely personal; we share life together. The girls I have had the honor of serving alongside or studying with are a part of my every week. We talk about Jesus and our lives, and this weekend, I saw how those very ladies were there when Graham proposed. We have a lot to rejoice about. God is good.  Anyways, let’s get into the month.  Something exciting to share is that I will be teaching for the rest of the month. I am teaching on Mark till our students go on Thanksgiving break. I love talking and people listening to me, but this has been very new to me. I simply have been working through a commentary ( New International Version Application Commentary) and teaching through it. My first sermon was on Mark 7:24-37. That passage is about the story of the Syrophoenician woman where Jesus calls her a dog. Just from preparing for that sermon I was taught a lot