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July Update!

It’s that time again: time for your monthly update on what all I’ve been up to. I mentioned in June how this summer season is just much different than the school year. I said that the pace is typically slower as we fundraise and connect with students who are still in town. Well, that was June. July is picking up as we prepare for this upcoming year. There is much for us to prepare for!  This past year, UTA FOCUS was given a huge donation of $50,000 dollars from a generous family in Arlington who love the campus and have a student in our ministry. This money will be used in several different ways, but I want to share the one I am most excited for. FOCUS will be hosting two large welcome week events to meet students and bless our campus. The first one will be a casino night and the second will be a petting zoo. The casino night will, of course, not involve real money. We will create our own funny money with our logo and give students the opportunity to cash out to win free textbooks or g