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May Update!

How are we at the end of this year? April flew by.  We have reached the point of the semester where all my pictures will be of students dressed up for our many parties.  There is a lot to celebrate this year. I cannot believe how different this year is ending from last year. Last year, I was about to be getting married. Last year, I had no idea how involved at TCC I would be and how I would make such amazing connections at that campus. I had not yet met the many of the people who would make my weeks feel so full in the months to come. I am the sort of person who loves rhythms and schedules. This year many new friends were woven into the thing that is my week. They became the structures on which I would plan the rest of my time.  I love all the people I was able to meet up with this year. I am thankful for what I have been able to do. Thank you for your support of this ministry. You guys have really been so encouraging to me. I'm feeling sappy, ya know?  I want to share a highlight