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February Update!

My work as a campus pastor has clear seasons. January, our students are on break for a good part of the month. The past month was a time of prepping and praying for the work that is to come. This year, I have been leading a group of leaders that we call “peer team”. It consists of several pairs of ladies who are co-leading a small group. This has been a fun new role in my ministry. I love getting to be a friend and a partner with these women. Anyways, I was praying through each woman and how God might want them to grow this semester. I had spent the fall getting to know them and now this semester, it was time to see where they should be encouraged or spurred towards something better. I had this moment as I was thinking through each lady: I only have four more months before summer break! How are these ladies going to learn and grow in all the areas that I so desperately want them to?   I imagine you have felt this way about someone in your life. Someone who you care for and desire for t