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June Update!

Summer is here! I am blown away that I have made it through my fourth year of campus ministry. Thank you guys so much for supporting me all this time. Wow. It seriously amazes me. Your support has allowed me to bring Jesus to college students in DFW. Thank you for investing in consistency on the campus. I have seen the fruit in choosing to commit to staying over years. I have gotten to invest in girls through their graduation. Isn't that crazy? Jessica graduated!!!  I am in awe that we get to do this together. Thank you for seeing the value in investing in college students. My hope is that these students will make Jesus Lord and change their workplaces, future families, and the church. I really believe our students leave FOCUS equipped. I sincerely, want to thank you.  Anyways, May was awesome. Graham finished his apprenticeship. He is officially a FOCUS pastor. That's exciting. He is committing for three years, so we will continue working together. We both had the opportunity