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August Update!


This update is full of prayer requests and news! Let’s get started. 

I just got back from our summer staff retreat with our entire staff team. One of the key parts I want to underline is: we have not had our entire staff together on a retreat since my apprentice year. Our staff has boomed in size because we are taking on nineteen apprentices this year. Nineteen. It’s exciting to experience a surge of new people and to see our team grow. I had a strange moment during the retreat where I realized some of these apprentices were students when I started back in 2018. Now, I get to partner with them in reaching our campuses this fall. I guess that’s what happens the longer you work at a place. 

One of the most exciting updates I have is that we will be pioneering five new campuses this fall. Each team is focusing on a different campus. One thing that has blown me away during my time in FOCUS is how the Lord has worked on community college campuses. I remember visiting a Collin College service back in 2018 before I knew my apprentice placement. I did not know much about reaching out on a community college campus. From what I heard, it was hard to pick up traction. Many students are working and many don’t want to be there long. So I expected a tiny group of students at Collin. What I saw was a huge turnout of young, excited people. I felt embarrassed by my low expectations were of the Collin group. I do believe there are specific challenges to reaching out on that kind of campus, but the Lord has continually taught me that He can do whatever and whatever He pleases. 

The Arlington staff will be pioneering the Tarrant County Northeast and Southeast colleges. The big news is that Graham and I will be helping with the Northeast plant. I am taking a class to help meet students! Pray for us as we reach out to these campuses. Pray that God will be present and connect us with the students we need to meet.  

  • Be praying for our apprentices’ transitions as some of them move to new campuses and new towns. 

  • Pray for Graham and I as we navigate being married and working on the same ministry team. 

  • Be praying for the amazing opportunity we have to reach our campuses. It has not washed over us the responsibility we have to be present this year. We were blessed with stability that many ministries did not have during last year with covid. Join us in praying for the students we will meet this August.

I am excited to update you with what all God does during our welcome week and our leadership training. 


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