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January Update!

  Happy New Year! I just came back from our annual staff retreat. This year it was much smaller, but it was quite refreshing.  One of our values at FOCUS is that leaders are readers. Every staff retreat we are given a book to read beforehand. Our retreat was centered around a book called Money and Power by Jacques Ellul. I’m not going to spend much time talking about that book because it was quite dense and challenging. I am still processing what even God would want me to take away. (Praise Jesus there is grace for where we fall short). I wanted to share some about two sessions we did during the retreat. They were not actually about the book, but were titled “Looking back: the FOCUS Story” and “Looking forward”. I imagine you can guess some of what we did. As a staff team, we talked about how our ministry came to be in its chronological order. We heard from our senior staff about how God was moving in their lives and how they listened to his call. This is quite a feat when you conside