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January Update!

Hello 2022! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and Christmas.  December was incredibly restful. The month started out with our annual Christmas party. The theme was Candyland Christmas. I was a part of the team who put on the party. I am finding out that I love being in charge of food. I think this particularly comes from a desire to ensure there is tasty food I like at every party. The day of the party some students and I made 216 cookies. My apartment was like the Keebler Elf tree for an afternoon. I love how in ministry I can pull students into fun tasks I have to do. There is something so valuable in sharing life with the people you are ministering to. Graham and I’s apartment has hosted many groups in our short time of being married. There’s nothing quite like it! Another sweet thing about the Christmas party was seeing our TCC students come and be involved. My prayer is that the students there will catch a vision for the community they can bring to their own campuses. A gir