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June Update!

  Hello June!!   I know I’m a little late on my update. I got married on June 5th and what can I say: I could not type anything leading up to the big day.   The wedding was sweet and went by really fast. I got a lot of advice leading up to the day. Lots of people told me it’s hard to find time to eat during the reception. I can proudly report that I did in fact eat the food we picked out. I ate doughnuts and coffee. I ate the small sandwiches.   So here I am… a whole lot later.   Thank you for your patience.   The summer is a different speed. If the school year is like a sprint, summer is a leisurely stroll. It’s a time of rest and preparation for the next year. I can’t believe I’m typing that. We are prepping for this fall. We actually made it through our crazy covid year. I know we aren’t completely out of the woods, but it feels nice to be doing the events I love in a normal setting like Summer FOCUS. We are hosting weekly services every Thursday for our students who are local. It’s