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May Update!

  Hello again!  I was on a thankfulness kick last month. To start my update, I am still in this state of gratitude. The Lord has been moving me as I have been reflecting on ministry and how it is compared to last year. What can I say? I am a sentimental type of person. Outside of myself, I do believe we are called to remember in our faith.The Old Testament comes to mind. There are many stories of the Israelites acting foolish because of their lack of memory retention surrounding who God is and what he promised. God had been faithful, keeping his promises. Israel just couldn’t keep their end of the deal. I guess that is the gospel summed up, right?  Anyways, I have had the story from Joshua 4 in my mind. It’s where Joshua asks the tribes of Israel to grab stones and lay them down. The stones were to serve as a marker of when God made the Jordan River dry, so that the Israelites could cross into the promised land. Here’s what Joshua says at the end of the chapter starting in verse 20:  2