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Ministry Updates: October

  Hello all! Let’s jump in. Here’s just a yay-time picture to start off. My friend Amber was baptized in September. I love what all this photo captures: my friend giving her life to Christ and this pandemic. Imagine her grandkids one day looking back on her in a pool wearing a mask. It makes me giggle. This photo reminds of how our God is really changing people’s lives and calling them to be obedient to him despite the crazy times we live in. God has been faithful in providing me new relationships and studies at UTA & DBU. The ministry at DBU has slowly taken up the majority of my schedule. I see that as God answering my prayers from when I had covid. I was nervous while being stuck at home that it would be hard to meet new girls. I was immediately given four studies just from DBU when I came back from covid. God was kind to hand me ministry opportunities and so many for that matter.  I’m still getting to know these ladies during our meet ups. Be praying for all my new studies. Ea