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Hello again, it’s time for your ministry update! If you remember from my last update, FOCUS had a Science and Faith panel.  I want to first thank you for all of your prayers and tell you that it went very well. We had about thirty students show up. We had hoped it would be an outreach event to bring in people outside of the ministry. It ended up being an event that equipped our students on thinking through science and their faith. The panelists did a great job taking on the questions that were submitted. The event did not do exactly what we had set out to do, but it was nice to see our students learning more on the topic. A photo from the Science and Faith Panel.  Above is a picture of a girl who has become a dear friend of mine, Jessica. We have been doing a bible study since the beginning of this semester. It has been a joy being able to see God answering my prayers for her. Jessica, last semester, was not interested in Christian community. She went to one of ou