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My apprenticeship is over! We have made it to the summer! Thank you so much for making this season possible through your support and prayers. I have not had time to fully reflect on what this year has meant to me, but I can say I have enjoyed being able to join in on what God is doing. The pace on the college campus is fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was welcoming incoming freshman and inviting them to play board games. It’s amazing how God can turn a casual conversation during a game of Uno into a meaningful friendship. Just thinking about welcome week makes me excited for my move to Arlington. Be praying for that transition over. So speaking of Arlington, I wanted to share about the leadership conference we went to called SICM. The trip was awesome and I was able to bond with students from different campuses. Students from UTD, UNT/ TWU, and UTA were there to learn how to outreach to their campus and learn small groups. I was able to spend a signific