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September Update!

  How do I even begin? August was awesome. We just finished our first week of welcoming new students onto campus. We helped freshmen move in on Saturday and then we were on campus the rest of the next week. UTA and TCC both hosted events to kick off the semester. I want to walk you through my august as a campus missionary!  I had the most exciting start to August. My dear friend Hailey got baptized and I got to do it. I am so happy she made this step in her faith. She is an amazing leader on our women's side. What's more college ministry than baptizing someone in an apartment pool? She was surrounded by family and friends. It was special seeing everyone come out to celebrate her. Baptism is cool for many reasons, but I found myself moved by how it unites us with the believers who came before us.  After that, we moved into time preparing for school to start. Graham and I split our time between TCC and UTA. We were able to train up our leaders on both campuses for the welcome wee
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August Update!

  Hello again! Summer has come and gone. We wrapped up the last few days of the month with covid. I was a tad thankful for the reset. For anyone who knows campus ministry, August is the fast-paced beginning of the year. There's a lot I'm looking forward to, but it is crazy. Pray for us as we go out and move the freshman in (Ahhh, it's been so hot). Pray as we have new leaders step up. I'm excited about how they will rise to the occasion. We also have four new leaders at Tarrant County College. Pray for them as they partner with Graham and me for year two on the campus. Anyways, here's what I've been up to.  I am continuing my one-on-one bible studies with people who are in town. I have had the pleasure of meeting with a lady from TCC named Amelia. We meet during her lunch break and it is seriously so sweet. We catch up and then do our bible study. I am excited for what she will do in the fall.  Graham and I both had the honor of attending our church's teen c

July Update!

Hey! We made it back from Italy.   I still cannot believe we got to go. We are incredibly thankful. The weather and the pasta were hot. We praise God we made it back in one piece.  I wanted to share a more reflective update this month. One of my favorite parts of my job is doing one-on-one studies with students. I love reading the Bible and creating space for people to think through God's word. Our series this summer at our services is actually over our study. We are teaching the heart behind the lessons. Our one-on-one study is called "Focus on Jesus". It's about eight-nine lessons (many people take whole semesters to go over it). We cover different biblical concepts and well, help people focus on Jesus.  The first lesson is called "Words of Life". There we talk about how we view scripture and what we expect to get out of it. This, to me, is such an important place to start. We talk about what biases we might bring and how we should come to the Bible humbly

June Update!

Summer is here! I am blown away that I have made it through my fourth year of campus ministry. Thank you guys so much for supporting me all this time. Wow. It seriously amazes me. Your support has allowed me to bring Jesus to college students in DFW. Thank you for investing in consistency on the campus. I have seen the fruit in choosing to commit to staying over years. I have gotten to invest in girls through their graduation. Isn't that crazy? Jessica graduated!!!  I am in awe that we get to do this together. Thank you for seeing the value in investing in college students. My hope is that these students will make Jesus Lord and change their workplaces, future families, and the church. I really believe our students leave FOCUS equipped. I sincerely, want to thank you.  Anyways, May was awesome. Graham finished his apprenticeship. He is officially a FOCUS pastor. That's exciting. He is committing for three years, so we will continue working together. We both had the opportunity

May Update!

How are we at the end of this year? April flew by.  We have reached the point of the semester where all my pictures will be of students dressed up for our many parties.  There is a lot to celebrate this year. I cannot believe how different this year is ending from last year. Last year, I was about to be getting married. Last year, I had no idea how involved at TCC I would be and how I would make such amazing connections at that campus. I had not yet met the many of the people who would make my weeks feel so full in the months to come. I am the sort of person who loves rhythms and schedules. This year many new friends were woven into the thing that is my week. They became the structures on which I would plan the rest of my time.  I love all the people I was able to meet up with this year. I am thankful for what I have been able to do. Thank you for your support of this ministry. You guys have really been so encouraging to me. I'm feeling sappy, ya know?  I want to share a highlight

April Update!

  Let’s start with good news: This is a photo from our most recent TCC core. It has been so exciting to see this ministry grow. We have only been on campus two semesters and God has really brought us some people. Pray for these students. Pray for what next year might look like. All I know is that this campus is hungry for community. Many of these students came by word of mouth through their friends. I love the grassroots feeling we are experiencing.  I wanted to share a passage that has been on my mind while reflecting on TCC.   It’s the parable of the bags of gold from Matthew 25:14-30. It starts off with the master entrusting different amounts of wealth to his servants. One receives five, another receives two and the last servant is given one. It notes that each was given according to their ability. Then the passage talks about how the first two double what they were given and the guy with one just buried it. Here is the rest of the parable below:  19 “After a long time the master of

March Update!

Hello! I hope everyone's March is starting off well. I like to think my ministry update contributes to your joy each month. Thank you again for supporting me in ministry. I am so thankful that I am able to meet with students full-time. Seriously. So amazing.   A Glimpse of College Life:  A pile of Chick-fil-a on top a trashcan.  This always makes me laugh, seeing the ginormous mound of bags. I just hope this pile of trash brings you back to your college days. Let me get started on my update! Showcase was awesome! Our amazing tech people made a link to where you can watch it from the comfort of your home for free (of course, there’s an option to give… but that’s beside the point). I was incredibly proud of everyone who preformed. Most notably was one of our TCC students Eldrian! He has really jumped into our community. He has been playing for our worship team at UTA. That's probably one of my favorite parts of reaching out to a community college close to Arlington. Our ministrie