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Let me just jump to the exciting news: Emma got baptized!
I had the honor of getting to see her get dunked! So praise God! It was sweet seeing her family support her with this decision. I am so proud of how God has been growing her over this past year. She really has a heart for reaching out to her friends and family. 
I went on several adventures this month. I went to Six Flags which I feel is a right-of-passage for anyone living in Arlington. I also went on a trip to a local water park with some girls.  I am proud to say none of us left with sunburns; I was diligent about reminding everyone about sunscreen. It was a lot of fun being able to meet girls from the ministry while hanging around water slides. 
I’m thankful June has come and gone. It was a month full of adjustments with me moving to Arlington. I am still on the journey of learning the town and the people. God has been faithful through it all, even though it’s been tough at times. I still sometimes miss my old apartment and mi…
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My apprenticeship is over! We have made it to the summer!
Thank you so much for making this season possible through your support and prayers. I have not had time to fully reflect on what this year has meant to me, but I can say I have enjoyed being able to join in on what God is doing. The pace on the college campus is fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was welcoming incoming freshman and inviting them to play board games. It’s amazing how God can turn a casual conversation during a game of Uno into a meaningful friendship. Just thinking about welcome week makes me excited for my move to Arlington. Be praying for that transition over.

So speaking of Arlington, I wanted to share about the leadership conference we went to called SICM. The trip was awesome and I was able to bond with students from different campuses. Students from UTD, UNT/ TWU, and UTA were there to learn how to outreach to their campus and learn small groups. I was able to spend a significant amount of tim…
Happy May! Can you believe it? We are so close to the end of the semester. My apprenticeship is coming to an end.
I think now is the appropriate time to officially announce that I am staying on another year with FOCUS. I will be moving out to University of Texas in Arlington in the fall. I am excited to serve at this new campus and join into what God is doing there. Just begin praying for that transition over to a new town with new people. I have already had the opportunity to meet some students from that community who have been incredibly sweet and welcoming. Here’s a cool God thing: one of my friends from MSU is actually a part of UTA’s FOCUS. Looks like God was already planting people in Arlington before I had even considering going there. Below is a goofy photo of their leader team. Now, imagine me somewhere in this group.

April went by so fast and I think this was because I was looking forward to Easter. Early on, I made plans to bring students home with me. I am so thankful I di…
Hello again, it’s time for your ministry update!
If you remember from my last update, FOCUS had a Science and Faith panel.  I want to first thank you for all of your prayers and tell you that it went very well. We had about thirty students show up. We had hoped it would be an outreach event to bring in people outside of the ministry. It ended up being an event that equipped our students on thinking through science and their faith. The panelists did a great job taking on the questions that were submitted. The event did not do exactly what we had set out to do, but it was nice to see our students learning more on the topic.
Above is a picture of a girl who has become a dear friend of mine, Jessica. We have been doing a bible study since the beginning of this semester. It has been a joy being able to see God answering my prayers for her. Jessica, last semester, was not interested in Christian community. She went to one of our services in the fall and kindly told me it was not for her. We …
February flew by. I cannot believe how close spring break is. Continue praying for the ladies I met up with. I have been so lucky to be able to meet up with each one. Pray that they will know Christ better. Thank you for your prayer and support.
I thought it would be fun to update you on how outreach has been going at UTD.
Outreach has been something I have been doing weekly since the fall. We did displays twice a week in the fall. We had one display on happiness and another on purpose. The point was to engage our campus with questions and varying opinions that would lead to a biblical thought on the topic. The setup was not complicated and lucky for us, the college campus is full of people who want to be heard. The coolest part was that students were engaging their campus, boldly inviting people to join in conversation. We just finished a display on anxiety that followed what we did in the fall. We invited people to leave an anxiety and takean encouragement.

The response on campus was …
Hey everyone! I am excited to share what God has been doing this past month.  I wanted to thank you guys for your prayers towards winter camp. I hope I can encourage you with what I am about to report. 

Winter camp is where all the FOCUS communities come together to get energized for the new semester. This is done through having time to be with the other FOCUS campuses and by having relevant sessions. Our speaker, John Stackhouse, spoke on confronting culture changing. It was exciting to see what God is doing across the metroplex; for three days, we were surrounded by students who want to see Jesus at their colleges. I want to share two moments from winter camp.

Winter camp is set up with sessions in the morning and at night. So the afternoons are open for us roam and hang out. Some of that time we spent playing board games or playing ping pong. One day our group went on a zip line and we did a giant swing. Believe it or not, the lake was open for us to canoe on despite it being winter …
Happy New Year!
I am excited for what God has in store this year.

First things first, I wanted to start with prayer requests. Be praying for this next semester and all that entails: new students and new schedules. UTD does not have any events in the spring to welcome everyone back. Transfer students, excited for their new campus, can end up feeling lost because of this. Be praying for me as I set up my schedule. Pray that I will deepen my friendships with the people I am studying with. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. They mean the world to me.  
The picture above is from the UTD Christmas party; the theme was California Christmas (Hence the tropical beach background in our photobooth). The night was spent decorating cookies, having a skit contest and singing Christmas songs. It was a great way to wind down the semester before finals. Some of our students had finals the afternoon before the party! My favorite moment was the devotional at the end. We had students share memo…