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April Update

Happy Easter! He is risen!! We have about five weeks left in the semester. Our students are currently juggling tests and projects. This is about the time many of our pastors are having pep talks with students to finish well and trust Jesus in the chaos. Pray our students will keep their eyes on Jesus during this time.  This month wrapped up with two really neat events. The photo above is actually from one of them. Every spring, TCC hosts an international festival. They always go above and beyond with the entertainment and free food. Organizations have the opportunity to table at this event. I was encouraged by the turn out and interest in our organization. I met a student named Kim who was thrilled to have found our club and swore she would be at our next meeting. So pray we can see fruit from this festival and we see new people come by.  The second event was the last week of March. All of the ministries at UTA hosted a 72 hour prayer event. The event was hosted in a tent in the middle
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March Update

 Hello Again! A student and I were just reflecting how quick this month has passed. I cannot believe how close we are to spring break. This past month we had several exciting events. The first event was Pizza Theology.  The topic was on the Bible and how it came to be. Two of my favorite talks were on translations of the Bible and how to do exegesis. Exegesis is a fancy word meaning the careful, critical study of biblical passages. It often means looking back at the original languages and thoughtfully considering what it meant for the original readers. Our students were given time to practically explore common passages that get used out of content. My favorite verse they explored was Jeremiah 29:11, " For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the  Lord , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Together, we were able to talk through the original audience and how knowing that changes this message.  The second event I wanted to highlight

There is Joy in the House of the Lord

 Greetings!  The semester is back in full swing. Above is a photo of our most recent Thursday night service. The campus is very particular about when we can reserve rooms, so we booked our student's favorite coffee shop. I'm not sure if this photo does justice of how packed the room was. I felt incredibly cool and trendy as I sat on a bar stool. I'm not sure how the pregnant lady ended up on the bar stool...  Anyways... Our semester started with a bang! We had our annual winter retreat in January. Over 500 students attended and we had a wonderful seminary professor come and speak. I wanted to share a couple of my personal highlights of this camp. Of course, the speaker was amazing. From the conversations I've had with students, many were impacted by a sermon he did about taking your emotions to God. Many of the students who shared this with me have gone through something traumatic or devastating in the past years. They felt like God would be disappointed if they shared

Big News at the Bottom.

 Happy New Year!  The photo above is of some of us at Inks Lake State Park during our staff retreat.  We made it to the new year! I hope you all had some time of rest during Christmas time. Since you last heard from me, our semester ended and students went home. At UTA, We did a Christmas devotional service and then ended with a party. At TCC, we went to Chick-fil-a and all got free sandwiches. I love the rhythms of ministry. We always end with parties and food.  Over our break, we rested. We read our assigned reading for the break; a fabulous book called To Love as God Loves by Roberta Bondi . If I could surmise what I learned,   it would be that many things i.e. our sin and our lack of humility get in the way of loving those around us. The book looked at how monastic church mothers and fathers tackled this common issue with prayer and seeking God. This book was what our retreat centered around. Graham preached the chapter about love. Also, We went to Houston to visit one of Graham

It's Close to the End

Happy Late Thanksgiving.  I hope you had a great one with loved ones. I know I did.  Waldo was posed so perfectly by our Christmas tree that I had to snap a photo. The photo above one of our students taking home pizza from our event in November, Pizza Theology. She just cracked me up bringing to box with her into the lecture. Her name is Laura and she is easily one of the kindest people I know. She is one of our senior nursing students. The range of people she knows blows me away. I had the opportunity of hanging out with her and some TCC students during this month. I walked into our TCC cafe and there she was. My immediate thought was this girl is juggling so much, and still makes time for friends on other campuses.  I believe so deeply we need nursing students who model being a good student and someone who makes time for others. I see many nursing students disappear or become less involved once they are in their program. This isolation is honestly driven by fear of not preforming wel

Warning: This Post Has TONS of Photos.

 Somebody pinch me. How are we already done with October?  October felt daunting to me. I had several big events planned on most of the weekends this month: FOCUS's fall camp, my annual visit to Wichita Falls with students, and visiting Tenth and Broad for their Diamond Jubilee Celebration of missions. All of these events were special and exciting, but I felt intimidated that they would leave me feeling drained from lack of rest. You know I love to host and make sure people are having a great time. I prayed and God gave me the strength to be present at all of these events. It really helps that I get to work with some fun people.  On that note, I want to say thank you again for supporting me in ministry. Your partnering with me through financial support makes this ministry possible. I am so grateful for your faithful prayers. It never ceases to amaze me how kind God is and I am reminded as I type about this past month. Thank you! Anyways, Let's get into the first event: Wichita