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We made it through August! What has ministry looked like for me? August was marked by the many game nights hosted at my house. It has been such a blessing having a spacious house to have people over. It has also been a blessing to have roommates who are a part of the same ministry. Together, We understand how important it is to get people off campus and invite them into your space.  I know those nights will be sweet memories one day; there’s nothing like the chaos of having eight girls passionately playing Skip-Bo in your living room while trying not to burn the popcorn in a dinky microwave.  More about August: it ended with UTA’s big welcome weeks. I was on campus for both lunch and dinner most days, trying to meet new students. It’s an exciting time because you never know who will stick. There are so many new people everywhere! Those first two weeks remind me of the passage about the harvest being plentiful and how there are few workers. UTA has 40,000 students… talk