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December Update!

We are officially in the holiday season! For me, thanksgiving is the threshold we have to pass through for me to get into this season (and yes, that does mean I do not like Christmas music before Thanksgiving). I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!   On the theme of thankfulness, I want to share about a student I have been meeting with. Her name is Ana! The story of how we met is such a God deal to me. Basically, Graham and I were invited to a luncheon for a non-profit that his dear family friends are a part of. After the presentation, we were mingling and sharing how we work as campus missionaries at UTA. The group we were talking to immediately mentioned that one of the employees has a daughter at UTA. I went up to Ana’s mom and she excitedly gave me her daughter’s number. As a person who has worked freshman orientations, I have seen the excited parent before who wants their child involved in ministry. The big question in my head was does your daughter want that too. I promised