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It's Close to the End

Happy Late Thanksgiving.  I hope you had a great one with loved ones. I know I did.  Waldo was posed so perfectly by our Christmas tree that I had to snap a photo. The photo above one of our students taking home pizza from our event in November, Pizza Theology. She just cracked me up bringing to box with her into the lecture. Her name is Laura and she is easily one of the kindest people I know. She is one of our senior nursing students. The range of people she knows blows me away. I had the opportunity of hanging out with her and some TCC students during this month. I walked into our TCC cafe and there she was. My immediate thought was this girl is juggling so much, and still makes time for friends on other campuses.  I believe so deeply we need nursing students who model being a good student and someone who makes time for others. I see many nursing students disappear or become less involved once they are in their program. This isolation is honestly driven by fear of not preforming wel