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Below is a picture of one happy dog named Harvey. I don't have many photos from this month because I have not seen many people in person. I did, however, see Harvey. Does anyone else feel like they were unprepared for the heat of the summer because we’ve been indoors since March? I do. July seems to have smacked me in the face, at least temperature wise. Thankfully, ministry is going along as usual.  As a FOCUS staff, we have been watching and waiting for any update on what UTA was going to do in the fall. The campus has announced they will be doing a mix of in-person classes and online.  It seems the campus is being thoughtful as they consider their students and the impacts of COVID. Also, students because of this announcement are making decisions whether they want to live on campus or not. I have spoken with several ladies who are currently planning on being on campus in the fall. Pray for our students as they weigh the costs of staying on campus or being at home. I a