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Hello again, it’s time for your ministry update.  I feel like I finally feel into the swing of everything in October. I have my bible studies in order. I figured out how to organize our Thursday service. We are good! Ministry has been going well at UTA. I have been doing 5 studies: each with unique conversations to be had. I have been blessed to be able to enter into such different places in people’s walks. I have a girl who never read the Bible. Two other girls who are at pivotal spots in their faiths. Do they fully trust the Lord and give themselves over? I feel like that question is something we all have to ask ourselves… every day! Pray for these girls and that they will come face-to-face with Jesus. Pray for wisdom and discernment.    I want to give an update for some girls I ministered to last year. In October, we had a leadership conference. This is where we invite students with leadership potential and listen to different speakers. Our conference was on cr