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Highlight Reel

  I am shocked at how quickly the semester wrapped up. I realize I feel this way each December. You would think I would expect this after several years of doing this. Thanksgiving is the yellow light of the semester; we slow down before the semester comes to a halt. My students are cramming for their finals and so desperate to be home for a break. Pray that they will make the most of their time with their friends before returning. Pray for the people in our community who are still deciding to make Jesus lord.  I want this update to be some highlights and a couple of prayer requests.  The first highlight is the Tarrant County Community. Our students have really grown close to one another. It often feels like a little family meeting. They have been amazing and flexible as Graham and I figure out what’s going on. We have had students step up and lead. One of our student leaders did not go to our training in May. He has been seriously wonderful. He got up and shared a poem about Jesus at o