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May Update

 Year 2023-2024 is in the Books! Someone cue a song of celebration. We made it to the end. Above is a photo of our UTA leader team from this past year.  I hope your May is starting off well. May marks for me the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Which means... I'm even closer to having a baby. All prayers are welcomed and appreciated. I plan to send an update in June focusing on family and ministry in regards to our little bundle of joy. (I totally plan to continue in ministry, so don't fret.) This update is going to be centered on outreach and evangelism. I  wanted to highlight some outreach efforts that have encouraged me this year!  Every year I've been in ministry, we have approached outreach in different ways: whiteboards displayed with thought-provoking questions, pairs of students being sent to pray over people, and we've hosted giant events for international students. The most consistent question we have asked has been, "How do we develop