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March Update!

  Hello again. I hope you are all doing well as we come into this new month.  I am encouraged by what has been going on at UTA. I am starting to feel sort of normal when on campus as the days become longer and sunnier. We hosted one of our first outdoor outreach displays of the year. It was on a beautiful Wednesday. We posed the question of “How do you know if someone loves you”? It was our delayed Valentines outreach (thanks snowpocalypse). Anyways, we had students sign up in shifts and ask people if they wanted to answer the question. The response was amazing. There was one point where every one of our student leaders were in groups talking with new students. Students on campus are lonely and desperate to meet new people. It is exciting to be a part of such meaningful work: we are filling a need on our campus by being present, friendly and inviting people in Jesus community.  Many phone numbers were swapped and I trust the Lord is doing something there.  This update, I wanted to do s