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Below Freezing Baptism

Happy Snow Day! Of course, January would end white and icy. Graham, Waldo, and I are holed up in our third-story apartment. Pray, we figure out when to take our dog out in this weather. Waldo doesn't really want to put his paws on the ice and I can't blame him. While the month started off restful, the end of the month was full of activity fairs to meet new students. Graham and I were constantly printing off flyers and buying candy to prepare. We got a lot of free lunches, so I can't be too mad. Be praying we meet students who want community. The spring can be awkward for students because they assume everyone has friends except them. Pray they have the boldness to overcome that.  We had our annual Winter Retreat this past month. A short story time: this retreat was my only interaction with FOCUS before working with them. This is where I learned about the ministry internship and saw this amazing community in action. I had never seen so many young people praising Jesus before.


  Happy 2023! The photo above is of our entire ministry team! Isn't that amazing and crazy? We are all on different campuses making Jesus known. I am coming out of our break, and I am feeling refreshed. As I type this blog, our ministry is prepping for our annual winter camp. I am so excited for our TCC students to experience this. I am blown away by God's faithfulness.  Last year, we had four students attending the TCC ministry. Two of them attended our winter camp. I felt like they were the pioneers. They were the people who came back and shared how awesome camp was. They became our spokespeople. This year, we are bringing twelve. I am so excited for this group of students. Be praying our ministry grows closer and gets to know God better. Pray this camp will be transformative in their faith. Our sessions at our camp will be over the wisdom literature. I am excited to see how God moves through the texts. So many students have been wanting us to dig into these scriptures. Pr