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Showing posts from July, 2019
Let me just jump to the exciting news:  Emma got baptized!   I had the honor of getting to see her get dunked! So praise God! It was sweet seeing her family support her with this decision. I am so proud of how God has been growing her over this past year. She really has a heart for reaching out to her friends and family.  I went on several adventures this month. I went to Six Flags which I feel is a right-of-passage for anyone living in Arlington. I also went on a trip to a local water park with some girls.  I am proud to say none of us left with sunburns; I was diligent about reminding everyone about sunscreen. It was a lot of fun being able to meet girls from the ministry while hanging around water slides.  I’m thankful June has come and gone. It was a month full of adjustments with me moving to Arlington. I am still on the journey of learning the town and the people. God has been faithful through it all, even though it’s been tough at times. I still sometimes