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 So, my favorite month is finally here. Yay November!  (Everyone send me a birthday card).  October has been one of my favorite months so far this semester. Maybe it's the weather finally cooling down or the fact I got to visit one of my favorite churches this month. October has left my cup full to the brim. I am in awe of God by the beauty I'm seeing in nature and the many sweet people He has blessed me with. I hope you too can reflect on God's goodness as you read my update from this month.  There has been a lot happening at Tarrant County College. This is the campus Graham and I are leading together. We had three students get baptized in October. Of course, this was incredibly meaningful for our students who made the decision, but I found it wonderful seeing our community surrounding them. My apartment was full of students wanting to support their friends make this huge decision. After each baptism, we had people pray over the newly baptized person. I was obviously incre

October Update!

  Hello Fall!   September has flown by. I have tons of good news. So we’ve had two baptisms this past month. Wow. Wow. Isn’t that the best? Two ladies decided to make Jesus Lord. Pray for these ladies as they continue to seek and make Jesus known.  (I realized I do not have a photo from the second lady's baptism.  She is in blue shirt that says "children"). Pray for these ladies. Pray they will be serious about their faith and make a difference where they go. Since I"m asking for prayer requests, continue praying for the students we are interacting with who are not following Jesus. I have been blown away by the number of students attending our small groups who do not call Jesus Lord. I have had two conversations with different leaders who are thinking through how to best love their unbelieving friends. I feel like God is moving and moving people into meaningful friendships. Pray that he will use us to love the people around us.  This is a picture from our fall cam