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Happy Fall! I had to start with this photo. I love how the guy at the top is raising his arms up in victory. At fall camp, we had a chant competition. This team, obviously, won. I can’t stop marveling at the differences between the end of August and the end of September. Ministry has truly begun to blossom; this shift in ministry matches our new season. I am excited to share all that is happening.  At the end of August, I really didn’t have a feel for what my small group would look like. I had no idea the people God would bring. The first two weeks of August were packed with meeting girls, but you never know who will stick. I was nervous about my small group because as I met girls on campus, many were not able to come to my time. I had to give that desire of having an impressive, larger group to God. My mindset had to switch to being faithful with whatever I was given. But in typical God-fashion, He provided more than enough girls to join our group.  My week