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Adios Class of 22-23

  Another year in the books. God had been so faithful.  Someone needs to pinch me because I am in disbelief this year is over.   It’s time for an overview of this year!  Our TCC ministry grew this year. We did outreach the first couple of days on campus by playing board games and inviting people. This is how we met several new students. The weather was unseasonably rainy, so students were just wandering around inside before their classes. It was a perfect start for us. We got to talk with many people. One of my favorite goals at the beginning of the semester is to help make students' first week of school fun and memorable. Even if they don’t stick around, I want to remember FOCUS people were friendly and inviting.  This was a year full of baptisms. Graham and I were honored to baptize several people in our apartment pool. This reminds me of the story in Acts 8 with Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. After Philip explained Isaiah which the eunuch was reading before, it says: “ An