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April Update!

  Let’s start with good news: This is a photo from our most recent TCC core. It has been so exciting to see this ministry grow. We have only been on campus two semesters and God has really brought us some people. Pray for these students. Pray for what next year might look like. All I know is that this campus is hungry for community. Many of these students came by word of mouth through their friends. I love the grassroots feeling we are experiencing.  I wanted to share a passage that has been on my mind while reflecting on TCC.   It’s the parable of the bags of gold from Matthew 25:14-30. It starts off with the master entrusting different amounts of wealth to his servants. One receives five, another receives two and the last servant is given one. It notes that each was given according to their ability. Then the passage talks about how the first two double what they were given and the guy with one just buried it. Here is the rest of the parable below:  19 “After a long time the master of