June Update!


Hello June!! 

I know I’m a little late on my update. I got married on June 5th and what can I say: I could not type anything leading up to the big day. The wedding was sweet and went by really fast. I got a lot of advice leading up to the day. Lots of people told me it’s hard to find time to eat during the reception. I can proudly report that I did in fact eat the food we picked out. I ate doughnuts and coffee. I ate the small sandwiches. So here I am… a whole lot later. Thank you for your patience. 

The summer is a different speed. If the school year is like a sprint, summer is a leisurely stroll. It’s a time of rest and preparation for the next year. I can’t believe I’m typing that. We are prepping for this fall. We actually made it through our crazy covid year. I know we aren’t completely out of the woods, but it feels nice to be doing the events I love in a normal setting like Summer FOCUS.

We are hosting weekly services every Thursday for our students who are local. It’s been a blast all being together. I can’t believe it was all online last year. Anyways, all of our campuses are coming together for this event. I love getting to mingle and meet people from Denton and Dallas. Our FOCUS community really does span the metroplex. I feel like I have been experiencing our community through a new lens. I’m seeing our students’ excitement to meet new people and be together. I feel the same way. 

Our summer series is over affection for Jesus. Our staff is preaching sermons that focus on a story of Jesus and how it taught them to love something about him. They have all been personal and very creative. If you’ve never checked out our sermons, please consider looking at these ones. Here’s the link: 

Be praying for our upcoming student leaders. We are in the process of praying through the people we possibly want to lead. Pray that we have discernment and that students will respond to the call to leading. Pray that I am able to connect with the girls I don’t quite know. We have the potential for our leader team to grow a lot this next year. It can feel intimidating that I do not have personal connections with some of our possible leaders. 

Also, be praying for our leadership camp in August. We will be ending the summer with a huge camp to prep our students to reach out on campus. There will be such an opportunity for our campuses to be primed for engaging our schools since this past year welcome week was different. Pray that our student will catch the vision! 

Here’s a photo I waited to share. 

Sarah and I were the grill masters for our end of year party. This has been a year of me stepping up to take on tasks I never thought I’d do. I helped with tech this year. I helped set up and learned to stream a service. In my eyes, my crowning moment of getting out of my comfort zone is this: I made hamburgers for our students. 

I hope that encourages you to take on tasks that seem out of your comfort zone. 


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