Ministry Updates: October

 Hello all! Let’s jump in.

Here’s just a yay-time picture to start off. My friend Amber was baptized in September. I love what all this photo captures: my friend giving her life to Christ and this pandemic. Imagine her grandkids one day looking back on her in a pool wearing a mask. It makes me giggle. This photo reminds of how our God is really changing people’s lives and calling them to be obedient to him despite the crazy times we live in.

God has been faithful in providing me new relationships and studies at UTA & DBU. The ministry at DBU has slowly taken up the majority of my schedule. I see that as God answering my prayers from when I had covid. I was nervous while being stuck at home that it would be hard to meet new girls. I was immediately given four studies just from DBU when I came back from covid. God was kind to hand me ministry opportunities and so many for that matter. I’m still getting to know these ladies during our meet ups. Be praying for all my new studies. Each girl is so different; pray that I will be able to befriend and lead them each to whatever God is calling them to. 

This picture above is a glimpse at the small group at DBU. As you can see, there are lots of guys. The ladies are just out of frame sitting near me. DBU has been an awesome place to be at. It’s unlike any ministry I’ve experienced this far working with FOCUS. The co-ed core has gone well. I would’ve thought it being co-ed would halt some of the talk, but boy was I wrong! The environment is close knit and the students share with ease. I am still learning how to think through having guys in my small group. I’m just so used to all girl small groups. Pray for me to be able to connect with everyone. I hope to be able to share more specifics about students in my next update!! 

I have been leading a group at UTA that FOCUS calls “peer team”. Peer team is a small group for our ministry’s leaders. We meet and discuss big topics to help them think through pastoral messages and how to develop their own faith.The women’s side of the ministry started this semester working through a workbook called Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. The big goal right now for our leaders is to grow in their own spiritual development. The first chapter wraps up with a challenge to memorize John 15:5,I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. This verse has been ministering to me recently. Remain in him and you will bear fruit- what a promise! This line gives me hope that Jesus is the one who makes us fruitful. Pray for our leaders and that they will find themselves remaining in Jesus. That is the only way to true fruitful ministry. Pray for wisdom in how to lead this ladies well and that I will lead out of Christ.

Thank you for supporting me and this ministry. You are a vital part of what is being done on campus. Thank you again!

To end, here's a collection of covid ministry photos. Many of my photos from this month are of spaces where we are hosting events. Enjoy the various outdoor, face-masked images. I feel like I’m creating a time capsule of what ministry looks like in 2020. 


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