February is a little slim on photos. Forgive me. 
The photo from above is from my small group making valentines for our ministry.

Here's one of cards:
I know, it's baby Yoda. So basic.

Much of this past month has been much of the same: meeting up with girls and doing bible studies. We have seen some recent growth in our ladies side of the ministry. This has been encouraging, but it feels like we are bursting at the seams. It feels like there are always more people to meet up with. Pray that we are able to build up new leaders to help with this growth.. Especially pray for God to bring ladies to lead. 

Something exciting and new is that I have picked up some studies at DBU. Yes, there’s a FOCUS at DBU. It’s small and still growing, but we are there. It has been mostly pioneered by students from other FOCUS campuses. The staff at UTA has recently over the past three years joined in to help this group. For me, this is the vision of our ministry: equipping students to be Jesus on campus. Empowering college students to see spiritual needs on campus and try to help. You are probably wondering why DBU would need another ministry on an already Christian campus. I have thought the same thing until I had the pleasure of visiting one Wednesday this past month and seeing what God was doing.

It’s a small group. Nothing impressive, but the leaders have a heart to create vibrant community on campus. The small group was diverse consisting of guys and girls from all over the globe. There was a special moment as a student read a verse from their bible in their native tongue. We leaned in as he read a verse from Philippians in Korean. This group, to me, is a light on a campus, pointing to the sweet experience of Christian fellowship. I have had the privilege of helping pick up studies with two girls from this group. I’m excited to disciple these girls and challenge them to reach out on campus. Pray that I become fast friends with these girls. 

I am excited for March! We are hosting students from Washington for their spring break mission trip. These students are from our sister ministry up in Bellingham, Campus Christian Fellowship. Pray for us and coordinating their trip. It should be a total blast!

I thought I would close with a picture of myself and my dear friend Ini in Washington last year at SICM. 

Colossians 3:17, "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him". 


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