Hey guys! It's 2020! We did it! 

I feel like I need to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in this update. So much has happened since the last time I wrote. I wanted to start my update with some more personal prayer requests. I want to ask for your prayer requests for two things. Both are exciting. 

First, I have been studying with a girl named Madison. She is sweet and has really become a good friend of mine. She is in a sorority and is navigating being a disciple in that arena. God is working in her with the friendships she has made. The reality is that sororities can put students in a tough, tempting situations. They can also do a lot of good through philanthropy and being a community. I want to ask you to partner in prayer with me about Madison and her sorority. Pray that God will open doors for us to minister there. Pray that God will use Madison to be a light to her sisters and flip that community on its head. I ask you to have boldness in your prayers to ask God to use me. I'm excited at the prospect of befriending these girls and showing them Christ. I'm also kicking myself that I don't have a photo of her to show to you. I'll make sure to include a selfie with her next update. 

Second, I would love prayer about next year. I have been praying and considering what life could look like next year. I have been blessed to be able to do ministry for the past two years because of your partnership. Thank you for how you've made this possible: Me doing my internship, moving to Arlington, the girls I've been able to get to know and all the Bible studies that have happened. You make this possible. I am incredibly grateful.

My plan was to do ministry another year and hop right into my masters in social work. That degree is something I am still very much interested in, but I have been thinking through what these next years could look like. The reality is there is a need in Arlington. for stability with our ministry. For women, specifically, to stay and be on campus, telling people about Jesus. When I pray, I can't help but feel called to stay and continue the work God has put in front of me. I am currently investigating what it looks like for me to continue with FOCUS staff and pursue my degree part-time online. Pray for this season of discernment for me. Pray for Arlington and that God will bring faithful servants. Pray for the Lord's wisdom and to provide a way. I'll be keeping you updated on this decision. Thank you so much for all you do. 

Here's a couple more photos from December. 

A couple of exciting things to include is that one of my girls was baptized! Woo! Her name is Mariah. She is actually a grad student at UTA in the social work program. It was sweet being able to celebrate her baptism. God had definitely been laying the ground work ahead of us meeting. We will be starting a study next semester. Pray for our friendship and for God to really reveal himself to her. Doesn't she look like a rockstar in this photo below? 

Finally, I want to invite you to an exciting event FOCUS is hosting. It's our annual Spring Showcase! Spring Showcase is a classy night that features our students performing quality entertainment. The whole night is a fundraiser to get our leaders to our annual leadership conference in Seattle, WA. We will have two showings on February 29th and an art sale in between. This night is special because the students get to shine as they perform and serve each other to pull this massive event off. It's hard to exactly explain even for me. Being new, I never went through a spring showcase as a student. Last year, I sort of thought of the event as a fundraising talent show. I was totally blown away by how hardworking everyone involved was to pull off a concert-level event. We wore fancy clothes to it and everything. I loved hearing students share how God impacted them during the leader conference. I was touched by seeing the students believe in the trip so much that they would help make it possible for others to go. I will send an email out with more information. Please consider driving out and supporting this event!

"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving. and extol him with music and song". - Psalm 95:1-2


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