Here’s a little update: 

On Giving Tuesday, We reached our goal to raise 36,000 dollars!! That also means FOCUS received matching funds from generous donors. Isn’t that amazing!! Thank you for all who gave and prayed to make this possible. 

Anyways... I wanted to start with a photo of my core playing games. God has brought a neat group of girls who enjoy to be around each other, what a blessing! 

The semester is winding down. Our students are prepping for finals and I am adjusting to this season. Campus ministry has its seasons; the fall semester consists of being busy at the beginning because of welcome week and its followed by a slower season as the
semester wraps up. I am still getting time with many of my regular girls. It’s been sweet reflecting on their semesters with them. 

November was packed with some fun events. I got to preach a sermon on Ephesians. I attended a student-led thanksgiving feast called focusgiving. I helped plan a super core with all the Tuesday small groups. Plus, my friend and I threw a birthday party for ourselves. I love that this season is full of celebratory events. 

Be praying for the girls I have been studying with. I feel like many of them are at crossroads in their relationships. A theme that keeps popping up in my conversation is sacrifice and Christ being Lord. The sacrifice can be many things for college students. That’s also true for anyone following Christ. I have realized in working with college students that much of the sacrifice is giving over an old way of life to follow Jesus. They have such an opportunity to change their campus, their friend groups, their families. They just need to let Jesus be Lord. And, this is relatable to me because that’s the tension I see in my own life too. 

Pray for our upcoming winter camp! Pray that my girls sacrifice one last weekend at home and come out for our camp! Be praying for my girls to continue growing in friendship with one another. Pray for me as I consider my plans for pursuing my masters. 

Thank you for making this ministry possible! 


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