Let me just jump to the exciting news: Emma got baptized! 
I had the honor of getting to see her get dunked! So praise God! It was sweet seeing her family support her with this decision. I am so proud of how God has been growing her over this past year. She really has a heart for reaching out to her friends and family. 

I went on several adventures this month. I went to Six Flags which I feel is a right-of-passage for anyone living in Arlington. I also went on a trip to a local water park with some girls.  I am proud to say none of us left with sunburns; I was diligent about reminding everyone about sunscreen. It was a lot of fun being able to meet girls from the ministry while hanging around water slides. 

I’m thankful June has come and gone. It was a month full of adjustments with me moving to Arlington. I am still on the journey of learning the town and the people. God has been faithful through it all, even though it’s been tough at times. I still sometimes miss my old apartment and miss not living 5 minutes from Target. I need to venture out and find Arlington’s Target. I know there’s one around here somewhere. Just be praying for the friendships I’ll be making this summer and that I am able to get integrated into this new community. I have a lot of people to meet, but everyone I’ve met so far has been so welcoming.

Before I go, I wanted to ask you guys to partner with me to pray for the new students who are coming into Arlington. I’ve been feeling a conviction to be more intentional this next year with international students. Help me be more like a servant and look for opportunities to be a friend to those new in the country. Pray that our students in FOCUS will be more outreaching too: taking advantage of the opportunities they have as students taking classes. 

Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers. It means the world that you guys are on my side, praying for this next year. 


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